Travel Info.


Reaching Halifax from the airport :

  • Halifax Transit operates its MetroX service from Halifax Stanfield International Airport to downtown Halifax. The #320 bus operates every 30 minutes during peak morning (6 am to 9 am) and afternoon (3 pm to 6 pm) times. The regular schedule departs every 60 minutes. Fares are $4.25 for adults/students and $3.00 for children/seniors.
  • There is also a shuttle bus service via Airport Express. A one-way ticket is $22 (round trip $40).
  • Taxi is the other option. It will cost you about $50-60 CAD for a 30-40 min travel time.

Reaching the School, Workshop and Symposium site

DEB2021 school, workshop, and symposium will take place in the student union building of Dalhousie University, in Halifax.

Dalhousie Student Union
6136 University Ave
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2, CANADA

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